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How Salt Caves Work

Have you ever noticed when you spend time at the beach that you feel more relaxed after awhile? Or that you breathe more deeply? Or that the air seems cleaner? This is not just because you are on vacation; it is because of the salt in the air.

Salt releases negative ions into the air, which are known to reduce pollutants and to promote a calmer, happier disposition in the people who breathe it. A salt cave works much the same way, only more intensely. In fact, sitting for an hour in our Himalayan Infrared Salt Cave & Sauna can be equivalent to 2-3 days at the beach. Imagine the feeling!

What's better? This is a fraction of the cost compared to a beach vacation.


Healthy rituals are important for maintaining a peaceful mind.



  • Helps for respiratory ailments. People with allergies, asthma, bronchitis and a variety of other respiratory ailments report significant relief from salt cave therapy.

  • Helps with skin ailments. People with eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues often find relief in a salt cave.

  • Relaxation/stress reduction. Negative ions improve disposition and promote relaxation. Many people visit salt caves just to get a break from stress.

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